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Lewy Body Disease on Television

I’ve long been a fan of actor Kelsey Grammar.  From his long-running role on the award-winning television show “Frazier,” to his contributions to many other movies and television shows, he has had a long and varied career and won a number of awards.  (Personally speaking, I have fond memories of his contributions to the “Star Trek” and “X-Men” franchises.)  Today, I learned that he is playing a big part in adding to the public awareness of Lewy Body Disease.

Many people are probably aware that, for the last year or so, Grammar has played the title role in a series called “Boss,” shown on the STARZ network.  I must admit that I was ignorant of this before today, as my husband and I don’t have this particular channel on our cable TV system.  But I read that Grammar was awarded a Golden Globe for his work in the first season of the show, on which he portrays the fictional mayor, Tom Kane, of Chicago.

But here’s what makes this show significant for the purposes of this site.  Apparently, last season Mayor Kane learned that he has Lewy Body Disease.  Season two, now currently in production, will feature his disease as a major sub-plot.  The physical and psychological manifestations of LBD will begin to significantly affect the way he governs the city and deals with his subordinates.

In addition, Grammar has filmed two public service announcements dealing with LBD, attempting to educate the public about this disease that has become the second or third leading cause of dementia (depending on what statistics you look at).  Links to the PSAs can be found at http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/592680/?sc=rsmn.

I would like to applaud Mr. Grammar for his efforts at bringing public attention to this disease, and for having the courage to portray a person with the disease.  I’m going to have to check around and see if episodes of the show are available on the internet.  I’m sure at least some clips of it are out there somewhere.  I encourage others to check out the show as well.

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