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New Compound Could Help Cure Alzheimer’s?

I read a news article today that spoke to some new research that could be very significant in the fight to treat Alzheimer’s disease.  Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio, say that they have discovered a compound which effectively restored memory and other brain functions in the model utilized during the study.  These findings come about after two years of study into the properties of the compound.

The new compound was discovered while testing a drug designed to control neurological pain in chemotherapy patients.  It has anti-inflammatory properties that could be helpful in treating a number of different conditions, including Alzheimer’s.  (One of the current theories about how Alzheimer’s spreads in the brain involves the inflammatory process.)  The compound, called MDA7, interacted with receptors in the brain that contribute to the neuro-degenerative processes in Alzheimer’s.  Use of the compound reportedly restored cognition, memory, and synaptic plasticity.

Researchers state that there will need to be many more years of research before the new compound could be considered for use by the public.  But they apparently feel that there is enough promise to undertake that research.

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