A while back, I posted that I was going through some lengthy and complicated medical treatments.  These have taken a lot out of me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  A couple of months ago, I reached the point where I no longer felt up to doing the work necessary to keep up this project that I feel so attached to — or at least to do it with any kind of quality.  And so, I decided to take some time off rather than to submit what I feared would be inferior work.

Well, things have changed.  I’m still taking treatments, and will be for a couple of months yet.  However, I’m tolerating those treatments better, and feel strong enough and alert enough to resume my efforts here.  I will, in the next day or two, be making some modifications to the site, and get back to writing as well.

I do greatly appreciate the words of support that some of you have sent me, and hope that those who have elected to follow my blog will continue to do so.  If there’s anything you think I can be doing to improve the site, do please let me know.  (Make your comments constructive, please.)  Again, many thanks to my wonderful readers!

Categories: Site announcements
  1. CG
    March 28, 2013 at 1:16 AM

    Hi Jami,
    So nice to see you are back~ don’t overdo anything- your health comes first!


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