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Famous People With Alzheimer’s Disease

This is a topic I’ve discussed before.  At the top of my main page, there is a link to a page listing various well-known persons who have had Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia.  But I ran across this slide show earlier, and thought it very effective.  It certainly made me think, remembering some of these people.  It is very sobering to think of great minds like Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, and Margaret Thatcher beset by the ravages of Alzheimer’s.  And I have a similar feeling when I watch one of Charleton Heston’s or Charles Bronson’s old movies.  But there are so many others who are not listed here — Jack Lord (the original McGarrett of TV’s “Hawaii Five-O”), country singer Glen Campbell, former star NFL quarterback Jim McMahon, to name just a few.

I remember so well meeting James Doohan (Scotty of the original “Star Trek” TV series) in person, and listening to him recall doing vaudeville with Jackie Gleason.  As I recall, he was a big flirt with the ladies in the audience, allowing more than one to sit on his lap while a picture was taken.  Do you have any special memories of these people, or others?  Please do share.  I would enjoy hearing them, and I’m sure others will as well.

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