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Glen Campbell to Stop Touring, Will Continue to Record

campbellA little while back, I wrote about country music legend Glen Campbell and his battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  Last year, he embarked on a farewell tour, performing his much-loved songs around the country.  Now, he has announced that he will retire from touring, due to the disease’s progression, but will continue to record a compilation of his classics, performed in a more intimate style said to sound as if he’s sitting right there with the listener in the living room. 

Campbell plans to release a new album, entitled “See You There,” in July of this year.  His wife, Kim Campbell, reports that he records as able, and enjoys going back and re-visiting some of his old hit songs.  He continues to socialize with friends from the music industry, and plays the guitar with them in jam sessions.  As is often the case with persons who have Alzheimer’s, “muscle memory” or procedural memory, allows him to do so when he has difficulty performing other tasks.

The entertainer’s wife reports that he is physically in good health, and continues to play golf.  He will appear, this week, at a fundraising dinner in Washington for the Alzheimer’s Association, and will pay a visit to the Senate to advocate for Alzheimer’s research.  Incidentally, he will also be celebrating his 77th birthday.

On a personal note, I want to commend Mr. Campbell and his family for having the courage to be open and honest about his condition, and also for working so hard to keep him working at something he obviously loves.  Shortly after they began to speak openly about his diagnosis, I saw a clip from one of his concerts.  His daughter, who played in his band, did an absolutely beautiful job of gently and lovingly cuing him as needed.  His wife, and the rest of his family, have been truly inspirational in their support of this man.  I wish them all the best in the future.

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