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Tuesday Trials 4/23/13

A couple of weeks ago, I set about to start a new feature on this site — giving information, on a weekly basis, about some on-going clinical trials.  These are research studies of various kinds designed to help us learn more about the various forms of dementia.  Well, this morning I was extremely embarrassed to discover that I had totally forgotten all about my promise.  I have since put “Tuesday Trials” on my weekly calendar, and will earnestly plan to do better in the future with keeping my promises.  My readers are far too important, and have supported me far too well, for me to neglect them.

Here are this week’s studies.  They are just a few of those that are taking place around the U.S.  (I hope to be adding some from other countries at a later date.

Living With Frontotemporal Dementia — This study will use an interview format to learn more about persons with frontotemporal dementia, and their caregivers, cope with daily life.  It will be conducted in New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  The description given does mention a small payment for participants.

A Composite MR Neuroimaging Marker for Alzheimer’s Disease — This study is designed to compare the brains of healthy individuals with those who have mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease, using functional MRI brain scans, in an effort to develop a diagnostic tool for AD.  It will be taking place in Wisconsin.

Comparative Research of Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs —  This study proposes to compare three drugs commonly used for the treatment of dementia (Donepezil, Aricept, and Razadyne), with respect to their efficacy in improving cognitive symptoms.  It will take place at various sites around the state of Indiana.

Deep Brain Stimulation for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease — This study proposes to determine the safety and efficacy of deep brain stimulation as a treatment option for AD.  It will be taking place in Columbus, Ohio.

Cataract Removal and Alzheimer’s Disease — Authors of this study cite a common belief among physicians and others that removal of cataracts in a person with Alzheimer’s disease will not significantly improve the quality of life, vision, and cognition.  This study is designed to help in determining whether this is true or not.  It will be taking place in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you do end up participating in one of these studies, please do let us know here.  I would also enjoy knowing what my readers think about the topics being studied.  I know that there are a couple of these, in particular, that I will be waiting to hear about.

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