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How Can I Get My Loved One with Alzheimer’s to Change Their Mood?

Sometimes I run across an article, or a snippet of one, that says it so well that I want to share it with my readers just as it is. If you like it, you might want to visit the site it came from. Enjoy!


Alzheimer’s is a complex cognitive disorder, and because it’s a progressive disease, new symptoms and behaviors are always popping up. One of the most difficult effects to accept is the changes in mood, especially if your loved one was once easygoing. The physical and chemical changes in the brain that occur during Alzheimer’s is responsible for affecting mood, spirit and energy levels. Surprisingly, the first stage of Alzheimer’s is the most stressful because your loved one is experiencing mood swings from the disease as well as dealing with their own emotions.

Since your loved one realizes their struggles, it’s not uncommon for patients with Alzheimer’s to become angry, frustrated and depressed. They can’t remember things, they feel powerless and they can’t take on the same roles they once did. You can imagine how you would feel if you were put into this position. Perhaps even worse is fear of the…

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