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Ankle Bracelets & Key Trackers

I’d like to share a post from a blog I’ve recently started to follow. I find that I learn a lot from listening to persons with dementia, and their family and friends. If you enjoy this, please consider visiting the site it came from.

Living with Dementia

After nan’s trips out in the car she decided she is invincible and perfectly capable of being independent. This is not something I have a problem with initially, but seeing her wobble up the steps to hang the washing outside makes me nervous. Especially as I know no matter how many times she tells me she wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t here, she will. It’s a topic we still argue about, she still thinks I want to keep her prisoner, I still think she’s being ungrateful. But it’s a topic we are learning to avoid, and I bite my tongue so often now I’m getting ulcers. Moving on.

Today’s post is a dilemma I have been pondering for a while, and I noticed has cropped up again in the news. This is directed at those in the later stages of dementia who have started wandering. Thankfully nan hasn’t got…

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