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9 ways to make someone really happy and connected to you

This came from the blog where I occasionally serve as a guest blogger. I think it’s wonderful advice for either a person with dementia or a caregiver.

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Make People Happy: 9 Ways To Make Anybody Feel Insanely Special

Posted: 07/20/2013 10:20 am EDT  |  Updated: 07/20/2013 10:26 am EDT

Need to help out bummed-out friends, spouses, bosses, coworkers, neighbors, siblings, parents or plain old acquaintances? Columnist Leigh Newman weighs in.

1. Order Them The Thing They Love Without The Thing They Hate
They adore martinis but not the olive. They’re mad for olives but not the pimento. They long for flowers, but not baby’s breath. In all these cases, when you show up — or send over — the thing that they usually have to special order (or fix, by picking out the all-too-often-always-included unwanted additions), you’re effectively making what some people might call a little dream come true. (Other people, myself included, believe that there is no such thing as a little dream. Dreams are all one size — larger than life.)

2. Origami Them A Heart
Yes, it’s so…

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