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Image courtesy Michal Marcol @ http://www.freedigitalphotos.netI just discovered that Aug. 6 has been named Wiggle Your Toes Day, according to http://www.holidayinsights.com.  They have no record of who came up with this unique holiday, but I think it’s an awfully fun idea.  And it’s something that those of us who serve as caregivers for someone else can make good use of.

Just imagine all the ways we can celebrate Wiggle Your Toes day.  It’s a good excuse to take off your shoes and give our poor piggies a break from those tight shoes.  This is especially true on a hot August day.  I think it’s a wonderful feeling to take off my shoes and walk across a well-groomed lawn, or a warm sandy beach.  And it’s even more fun to sit on the edge of the swimming pool and dangle our feet in the water.    How about a nice pedicure while we’re at it?  Don’t forget to talk about how our feet feel, or how they look.

Have fun!

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