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Gone, and Pretty Much Forgotten

When I was reading this, I couldn’t help but think of something. If someone of my age (54) can feel nostalgic for those items that were once commonplace, but are now almost forgotten (like carbon paper and full-service gas stations), just think how much more so the older generations feel. And think how that can affect the person with dementia — who is having trouble understanding the world around them anyway, and then is confronted by something like a smart phone. Something to think about, to be sure.

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PhoneWe’re losing things. We may not even realize it’s happening, because they’re the kinds of things we don’t pay a lot of attention to, so we fail to notice when they disappear. It’s something like when a casual acquaintance moves to Paraguay without telling us, and twelve years later we wake up and say, “Hey, what ever happened to Don?”

One of the things we’re losing is the ability to slam down the phone. Until about a decade ago, most of us had those big, clunky telephones that were attached to the wall or sitting on a desk. When the person on the other end said something that really drove us insane, we could hold the receiver a foot away from our mouths, scream our heads off, and then hang up as though we were trying to send a shock wave through the wires. In reality, no matter how hard…

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