Popping Up Around Town

I would like to offer a big, hearty “Thank you” to my faithful readers, during this time when I have been off-line for various reasons.  Moving to a new town is never easy, especially when one has to find a house and arrange for furniture to be moved in, utilities to be turned on, and so many other little details that I never would have anticipated.  Top that off with starting a new (and very exciting) job that is very work-intensive, and it might be easy to see why I’ve been tearing my hair out.  Too, my internet connection just would not cooperate.  Today is the first time that I’ve really been able to catch up on things for quite a while — at least on a consistent enough basis that I felt confident enough to write anything meaningful here.

There were a number of things that happened during this interval that made all of this worth-while.  One of them I alluded to in an earlier post, and it has finally taken place.  My professional organization, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, has begun highlighting blog posts written by their members, in their own official “ASHAsphere” blog.  A short time back, I applied to be included among their guest authors, and I was thrilled to be accepted.  After some discussion about content and style, my article was published recently, on Sept. 24.  You can see it here. (The article was previously published on this site, with slightly different formatting.)  Please do take a look, and enjoy.

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