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Social Media and Me

eff04-wheniwasakidOkay, so I freely admit that I’m more than a bit behind the times.  In these days when social media sites abound, I’m still standing on the sidelines with a somewhat perplexed look on my face.  It’s true that I did meet my husband through an on-line discussion forum (long before the days of eHarmony), and I used to be active in the chat rooms, but that was fifteen years ago and the state of the art has progressed by leaps and bounds since then.

Lately, though, I’ve seen the error of my ways — so to speak.  I’ve decided that if I want to reach more people with this site, and continue to help more people, I need to change my ways.  It’s extraordinarily flattering to me that 40 people visited this site yesterday, but I would love it even more if 400 came here, or even more.  There’s so much potential for good that can be done here — and I hope I’m not sounding too egotistical when I say that.  (I have these visions of providing more in-depth information in the form of eBooks and topical presentations, and also of helping people more directly through consulting and program development, for example.   But those things are a work in progress.)

So, I’ve been making a few forays into the great wide world.

1.  I’ve added a poll feature to the site, in the hopes that I can better tailor my offerings by knowing more about those who visit here.  (Please do take the time to answer one quick question, by the way.  I’ll be putting up a different question over the weekend.)

2.  I’ve added a Twitter feed to the site.  It is my hope that I can use it to share links to other sites (and articles) of interest to my readers.  Please do follow my feed, if you wish.  Also, please be kind enough to pass along any of my own writings that you think others might find interesting and helpful.

3.  I’m connected through Facebook and LinkedIn, so that my posts on this site show up on my pages there as well.  I know that there’s a lot more I can do with that, and if someone could give me some pointers I would be grateful.

4. Today I’m experimenting with StumbleUpon, hoping to discover some other sites that would be helpful to my readers (and to myself as well).  I will let everyone here know how that goes.

So, if someone would be so kind as to offer me some advice on how to navigate the social media jungle, and in so doing grow and build this site for the better, please respond.  I promise, I’m a fast learner.

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