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Glen Campbell — An Update

campbellGlen Campbell’s wife Kim announced Thursday that she has moved him into a long-term care facility.  She stated that his Alzheimer’s Disease has progressed to the stage where he needs full-time professional care.  Sadly, though, it seems that his children have made it clear that they are not totally in agreement with this decision.

I was impressed when I initially read about Mr. Campbell’s disclosure that he had AD, more so when I read about how his family and others worked so hard to enable him to continue to perform and record as long as he was able.  Especially touching was the way his daughter, who also played in his back-up band, assisted him on stage during his last tour.  (There used to be a clip of this elsewhere on my site.  I’ll try to look it up and post the link here.)  I have been fortunate enough to know other musicians who, if given the right kind of assistance, have been able to access procedural memory and perform long after some might not have thought it possible.  To me, this just illustrates the idea that some memories remain, if we can only find a way to access them.

I do hope that the Campbell family resolves its disagreements and is able to work together to make their husband and father’s remaining days as fulfilled as possible.  (And that they don’t follow in the footsteps of Casey Kasem’s family.)  And I wish Mr. Campbell as peaceful an end to this life as is possible, and pray that he is welcomed into the arms of a loving God when the time comes.

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