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Come on Down!

Image courtesy Huffingtonpost.com

Lucky contestant being summoned to play the Price is Right.

Working in nursing homes, I get to watch a fair amount of daytime TV.  Or, at least, be aware of it as I move around the facility.  One of the more popular shows with this population is “Price is Right.”  For those of you who are familiar with the show, you’ll know one of the more common catch-phrases used by the announcer.  When a person from the audience is summoned down to the front of the stage to play, he/she is told to ” Come on down!”

Well, I’d like for Maria Crocco to come on down!  She has the distinction of being the 100th person to “follow” this blog, by having posts sent to her e-mail box.  As you may remember, a short time back I promised that I would send my 100th follower a prize.  That prize will be a book that I’d also like to heartily endorse.  It’s called “Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s,” by Joanne Koenig Coste.  It is am excellent offering from a woman who was caregiver to her husband, back in the years before there were as many resources available as there are now.  She had to learn things the hard way, by repeated practice.  And she offers a tremendous amount of information in her book, as well as helpful and practical tips for handling the problems that are encountered along the way.  I first read it several years ago, and it has helped to shape the therapist that I am today.

Keep your eyes peeled to these pages in the next couple of months as I complete what looks to be a major revision to this site.  I just received an awesome logo that I’ll be inserting into the layout.  My mind is also brimming with ideas for additions to the site that will make it more than just another site with information about dementia.  What about having my readers be able to interact with each other and share what they have found to be effective?  What about making the site easier to get around in, and to find things in?

Oh, if anyone has any ideas for what they’d like to see added to the site, or changed, please do let me know.

And, in case I forgot.  Maria Crocco, come on down!


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