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Caregiving and the Super Bowl

Between the Pages: Caregiving and the Super Bowl

I sit here, watching the big game, and browsing through some of the other blogs that I follow, and found something that totally speaks to one of the reasons Istarted this site. I have to pay a big tribute to those special people who take care of someone they love, just for the sake of that love. They miss out on so much, and this is why we need to do our best to make their lives easier.

Living: the ultimate team sport

Heart in handsThis is NOT an article about football.  Anyone who has a loved one for whom they provide care – whether hands-on or peripheral – knows all too well how unpredictable life can be with that 24/7 responsibility.  We’d all like to think that special occasions and events are immune from medical emergencies and other disasters, but all too often that is not the case.

Welcome to the life of a caregiver.

I honestly didn’t think I had another football article in me but the unfortunate circumstances in my best friend’s life have proven otherwise. 

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