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Tip of the Day: Where am I?

It’s not uncommon for persons with dementia to reach a stage where they become easily disoriented.  They have difficulty recognizing, or remembering, where they are, who the people are that they see around them, and what day or time it is.  This can lead to confusion and even aggression as the person tries to sort out her environment.

It is important to use both visual and auditory cues to assist a person who is easily disoriented.  Many hospitals and long-term care facilities are now placing a board in the person’s room which contains the day and date, as well as the names of who will be providing care for the person on that day.  This is a great thing, if the person is still able to read and also remember to look at the board for assistance.  But, too many times, I have entered someone’s room only to find that the board has not been updated in several days. 

A calendar (with large print, if necessary) and a clock are also essentials for helping a person stay oriented.  It might be helpful to mark off the days on a calendar, so the person can quickly determine which of those 30 days it is at the moment.  Of course, it is important to stay current on this task. 

And with so many staff members working in a long-term care facility, it can’t be assumed that a resident will remember the name of each and every one.  If the person has consistent caregivers, meaning that the same small group of staff members is assigned to his unit every day, she will usually learn to identify most of them by name.  But it can’t be assumed that she will do so.  Here is where name tags are critical.  And it doesn’t hurt, either, for caregivers to introduce themselves when they enter a room, especially if the resident is paying attention elsewhere or is sleeping.  It also can be confusing when a person knocks on the door to the bathroom, to ask if one is finished with the job, if you don’t know who is there.  Talk about lack of privacy!

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  1. February 5, 2015 at 7:05 PM

    loving your blog, i wondered if you would be interested in my donation page i have set up today have a look and see what you think its dementia based

    • February 5, 2015 at 7:12 PM

      Thanks for the compliment. I applaud your efforts and wish you luck. I do wonder if donations are possible from outside the U.K.?

      • February 5, 2015 at 7:18 PM

        yes hun donations are available to be given from all over the world, i am a 30 yr old girl who suffers mental health issues myself and dont leave the house so i cam across a free dementia course 9 weeks so thought id do it to pass time, i passed 100% in all units and just love learning about dementia well the mind really its a fascinating thing, i have just set up the page so nobody has donated as of yet, but just so you no if you did donate you wouldnt be charged or anything like that, bless your heart for answering and i look forward to more posts from you

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