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The Complete Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease


For quite a while now, I’ve been talking about the new website that I’m working on.  Well, I have a bit of a teaser for you, a hint of one of the foundations of this new site.

This diagram holds the key to a treasure trove of information about Alzheimer’s Disease.  If you’ve ever gotten frustrated having to look at a whole myriad of different sites to find the information you’re looking for, or if you’ve just found out that you or your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and are wondering what it’s all about, then this is the place for you.

Every item on the chart will be linked to a page (or several pages) with more information.  As one of my friends told me not long ago, it will be a sort of Alzheimer’s wiki. Initially, all of the items will be in the form of text.  But before long, I’ll be converting some of the items to audio files, that you can download in the form of a podcast and listen to at your leisure.  And, in addition to “book learning,” these items will contain personal observations that I’ve made in my 30 years working in the field.

Plus, you may have noticed a couple of items toward the bottom entitled “Discussion Forum” and “Personal Consultation.”  I am in the process of setting up a Facebook group where people can discuss various important matters with each other, and where you can contribute your own observations as well as ask questions of others who are in your shoes.  And I will also be making myself available for one-on-one conversations with you, in an effort to answer any questions you may have.

Now, when this new site goes live, the site you’re reading now will disappear.  It’s going to be a lot of work for me to build and maintain this new site, and I just won’t have the time to devote to this one.  And besides, the information from this site will be present on the new one — albeit in a different format.

Oh, and I won’t be leaving out people who are wanting to learn about other diseases which cause dementia symptoms.  These disorders will be represented as well, in a similar format.

If you’d like to be kept updated as to just when this new site will be available, then please fill out the form below.  I will be sending out a notice on just when the grand opening will be taking place.  I hope to see you there!

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